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that is familiar

Sunday is traditionally when Episcopalians gather for worship. The principal weekly worship service is the Holy Eucharist, also known as: the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, or Mass. In most Episcopal churches, worship is accompanied by the singing of hymns.

Episcopalians worship in many different styles, ranging from very formal, ancient, and multi-sensory rites with lots of singing, music, fancy clothes (called vestments), and incense, to informal services with contemporary music. Yet all worship in the Episcopal Church is based in the Book of Common Prayer, which gives worship a familiar feel, no matter where you go.

Here’s what you can expect at our Sunday services.

Join us at 8:00am or 10:30am this Sunday.

Sundays are slowly returning to normal. We encourage wearing face masks for everyone. We use pre-sealed communion cups. Otherwise, our worship service is beginning to look more “normal.” Please join us online if you do not feel safe worshpping in-person.


lead us to worship

We have a number of ways people can be involved in helping bring us into worship. Check out some of these opportunities, and get in touch if you’d like to be a part of the volunteer team that helps us each week.


We’d love for you to sing with us in worship in our choir or help volunteer with our musicians that produce great concerts. Use your music skills in a variety of ways at Trinity.

Altar Guild

Our altar guild ensures that everything is in place for our Sunday worship. This is a great behind the scenes ministry that is vital to our worship together.


Become one of our lectors and read Scripture for us in our Sunday worship. We offer training to help you hone your public reading skills.


Become an usher and greet new people, help people find their place, and collect the offering. It’s an important job that provides hospitality to everyone in our worship service.

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